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It has solid animation from Megaman, nice cinematography, a great use of his abilities.
However I feel the face looks a little too chibi and kid like due to rosy cheeks, a nose too soft and massive eyes. He should look more like the original games in my opinion, at least he looks more like a man.
Also the materials look very "plastic" rather than metal, sorta. I say rein that in a bit, lower the reflection slightly.

Also we don't see the foe he's fighting, which I think does hurt the epic feeling a tad.

I'd recommend improving upon those things, but there's certainly some passion here. I enjoyed it.

Kinda fun

You know, it has a weird appeal to it. It's not often you see just a small animation based on two cops just chilling doing their boring job. Builds a bit of character.
What I'd recommend is improving the rigs though, I think the emotion is important to convey with these two. And the rigs are really holding that back (and the stiff models in general. Perhaps make your own or hire someone to make custom models?)
But the voice acting is actually pretty good, and the dialogue's nice. It's enough for me to want to see where it goes.
Though it does need a bit more of a hook in terms of premise. Perhaps making some sort of larger event happen that leads into an actual story. Would help create more character driven events.
Anyway, I liked it so good job.

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Honestly, you did pretty well for tributing Nier Automata in 2D. I say expand on the mechanics and see how far you can run with the idea

I'm gonna be honest here, the sprite work's quite rough. You're trying to be like Isaac style wise but you're not going anywhere near as far as what's required. And you're relying too much on shaders over shaded details and expression.

Clean up the fundamentals and learn how to actually pull off the style ingame.

And as for the gameplay, I just find it kinda boring. You should really push it more if you're going to make a platformer. And design the bosses better.

Honestly, I think this game has potential to be greatly expanded upon into a fully fledged game.
What I really enjoy is the basic gameplay look. It's incredibly fun to run up, grab an enemy and toss them at another. And the time stop in darkness is rather distinctive and has a balancing draw back that I greatly enjoy (the void). As if he's moving so fast even light can't reach him.
And the enemies are fast and intense in a solid way. You said you were inspired by Katana Zero and Ape Out, and I see where those inspirations come from. But you could genuinely make something that would compete with both. Especially if you expanded upon the gameplay mechanics to complement this.

But, there is some serious criticism to be had. One, is enemies activating an attack after they're dead. This is a pretty big problem, that I've see multiple times. As if there's an alarm trigger activating after death. This, must be fixed. It's a really awful bug that makes it feel as if it's not your fault but the fault of said bug for a death.
Next, The menu. It's not really fitting for the game. I'd recommend something with alot more personality. Something people will remember
Thirdly, The "FIRE FIRE" voice makes the enemies look like a joke. It really pulls me out of the experience slightly. It slams right into the wall against the atmosphere the music and the rest of the sound design does well in.
Forth. Jump effects aren't placed correctly.
Fifth. The tutorial's not good at conveying the Time Stop ability. Rework that section and you're good.
Sixth. The visuals need some variety. It's just a basic silver jail. I'd like to see something with more personality.
Seventh. More enemy variety. I think the last level showed the extent of using two enemies without spicing things up. Without a bit more variety, things can quickly get a little bit dull. So definitely add more.
Eighth. The screen's REALLY far back. It can be hard to appreciate the designs of the character with it so far back. Zoom it in a bit (And hell, I'd love to see the game's sprite art maybe get more detail/ making slightly larger sprites. Though that's a suggestion there)

Overall, I honestly I really enjoyed the game. I'd really love to see it expanded upon. You should, and make an interesting story around it too. Like, why is this guy in a lab like prison at the start of the game? Maybe because he was experimented upon. Who knows. Tell a story. Anyway I hope you enjoy the criticism here :D

Frogrammer responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
- Yes there's a bug about enemy still shooting after being killed
- Sadly didn't have enough time to work on menu and leaved it very rough
- Indeed, FIRE sound may had been too goofy
- Yes, main mechanic isn't quite presented
- 48 hours weren't as much to add more enemy variety add still add some polish
- Option for screen zoom could be a good solution for this, I'll keep in mind

I really may return to this one day, thanks again)

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HAHAHAHA Goddamnit. Yandev shitposts have returned once again.

Oi mate just letting you know that you left it in illustration when it's pixel art. But regardless, from one high rez pixel artist to another, this is really quite a nice piece. The colours are strong and the shading is solid.

Hyptosis responds:

fixed it, thanks my dude

He's a very blobluar dude. Dude.
(Nice piece I gotta say)

CreampieFilms responds:

Thanks, man. Bro. Man. Dude. Man.

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